Thursday, 10 November 2011

Upside-Down Giving

Earlier this week I shared a challenge:  prayerfully and deliberately change how we, ourselves, you and me, prepare for, spend on and celebrate Christmas.  And then give that 10% to someone.  In the name of Jesus.

There are more than a thousand different ways to share this Christmas.  Way too many to even list, but I wanted to share with you where I will be putting that 10% this Christmas.

I just love a deal don't you?  My favorite kind is the 2 for 1 sale.  You know, buy one, get one free.  BOGO.

But in this Upside-down theme of Christmas living, we're giving, sharing more, buying less.  But guess what?!  I've learned of a BOGO giving opportunity.  Cool. Here's what I'm talking about.....

There's this organization called Sixty Feet Inc.  This ministry has become, by the Lord's hand, very near and dear to this heart of mine.   Sixty Feet is ministering to imprisoned children in Uganda.  Not imprisoned because they have committed a crime, imprisoned because they have been abandoned.   Go here to learn more about what great things the Lord is doing through this ministry.  

So, you're thinking, what about the 2 for 1 deal you were talking about.....I'm glad you asked!

Sixty Feet has just launched a fund-raising campaign for Christmas ( ) . 

Would you like to help build a new home for some of the imprisoned children in the remand centers in Uganda?  A home, centered in Christ, which provides shelter, food and clothing, love, education, and the gospel, to raise these imprisoned children, currently with no hope, in the hope of Jesus. 

There is a matching campaign launched just last week: for every dollar raised between now and Dec. 31st, up to$60,000, a donor will match

So if you give $100 to Sixty Feet for this campaign, it is as good as giving them $200!  And all of it goes toward their first building project, a home for those children who do not belong in a prison.

Your 10% sacrifice becomes 20% blessing!

Let's call is Share One Give Another.  SOGA.

OK so it's not as catchy as BOGO.  But remember, we're upside-down here, so it doesn't have so make sense or be catchy. It's 2 for 1.  For someone who needs what we take for granted.  Hope.  Home.  Food.  Clothing. Education. Love. Christ.

Let us all open our eyes to the world around us and see through the eyes of Christ.  This Christmas let us Worship, Celebrate, Remember and Share (SOGA style).

Be Upside-down this Christmas
Spend 10% less this Christmas and give it away
Make an eternal difference this Christmas
Watch what the Lord does your small sacrifice.


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